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Our knowledge and experience in operation and maintenance of desalination plants has given us an intimate understanding of process performance, membrane fouling and optimization techniques. This unique capability extends through each phase of the projects lifecycle allowing us to minimize whole life costs of facilities, and to construct and operate plants at an optimum total water cost.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction for Desalination Plants.

From small sizes of 750 m3/d in containers up to large plants of more than 120.000 m3/d of production capacity, our expertise ensures efficient and reliable operations. Count on us for comprehensive support throughout the entire project lifecycle, delivering innovative solutions to meet your freshwater demands sustainably and at any scale.»

Commissioning and Start up of Desalination plants

Launching success with our Commissioning and Start-up expertise for Desalination Plants. Our specialized services ensure a seamless and efficient transition from construction to operation. With a keen focus on quality and safety, our experienced team oversees the entire process, optimizing plant performance and minimizing downtime.

Services for Technical Audits, Technical Due Diligence, and RO consultancy

Unlock precision and expertise with our top-notch services. We offer Technical Audits, Technical Due Diligence, and RO Consultancy to provide you with in-depth insights into your projects and operations. Our team of experts ensures meticulous scrutiny, delivering accurate and detailed information for making informed strategic decisions.

Solutions for bringing you fresh water from the sea!

We are committed to delivering successful projects that meet our clients’ requirements while adhering to strict quality and safety standards.

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