Project CDTI IDI-20200645; pressure exchange system for reverse osmosis desalination plants

Leading this individual national research and development project on a pressure exchange system for reverse osmosis desalination plants is Desalia Water S.L., an Expert Company in the development of profitable and sustainable solutions through reverse osmosis desalination technology at an international level located in Cartagena, Spain. Focusing on the design and analysis of the current Pressure Exchange Systems (PES) in order to develop a CFD model of the Optimized PES, as well as to evaluate the hydraulic function of the initial PES design. After 18 months of ongoing research and developments, a new design of the current proposed Pressure Exchange System was generated, improving considerably both the hydraulic performance and energy consumption of the initial design as well as a noticeable improvement in the functionality (sound and vibration levels.)

Project budget 249.780 Euros

Co-financed by CDTI and FEDER 201.798 Euros

CDTI Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial

FEDER, Fondo de Desarrollo Regional; Una manera de hacer Europa

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